Live-Coaching and Coachert in Dubai


As a self-employed live and business coach my aim is to bring clarity, courage and determination to my clients. Understanding their true nature, they can go through their lives productively and full of joy.


Live-Coaching in Dubai

A practical guide to happiness.

„Who am I?“, „What are my strengths?“,
„What is my purpose?“

In my daily coaching practice I have learned: there are topics that are relevant to everyone. In my talks I would like to offer answers to these questions and guide you to self-reflection. They bring clarity to the truly important questions of life.

Coachert in Dubai

True friends on stage.

Systemic group coaching in a concert setting.

Open heart and quiet mind: This is my invitation for participants of Coachert, a unique blend of concert and coaching. Introducing my songs with personal stories I invite the audience to open up, reflect and share. Sharing teachings of Buddha and Pythagoras, I add depth and a framework to the sessions. Music is the unifying element.



Music has long been an integral part of my life. My band Jack Torrance, my music label PHNX Records and my ambition as a singer-songwriter bear witness to this.

The music label PHNX Records stands for young artists who want to express themselves creatively and are burning for their cause. PHNX as well as the symbol phoenix were chosen deliberately. The company PHNX Records stands for the belief in the cause, not giving up, manifesting and materliazing an idea. PHNX stands for Tolerance, Freedom and Love and exclusively sings artists who also stand 100% behind these values.

Jack Torrance is not just a band with a fondness for Jack Nicholson and his role in „The Shining“, Jack Torrance makes heartcore. There it is, the genre label. You’re welcome. Jack Torrance wants to live out emotions and stir emotions – never half-heartedly, always out with all that heartcore. Pure anger management and poetry, especially powerful on stage.

What Matters The Most is a singer-songwriter collective and unites a worldwide group of musicians from the bustling streets of London to the beach-side tranquility and vibrant pulse of Dubai. The songs are written by Franz Peters, who is at the heart of the group. Fritz Wiedamann does vocals on most tracks, and William Griffiths produces and co-writes the songs. The collective aims to integrate elements of personal self-discovery and eastern spirituality into a unique form of musical expression.

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